March 20, 2023

Ramparts Walk gives A Birds Eye View of the Old City of Jerusalem

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If you’re a travel enthusiast and love aerial views of historic places, then the Ramparts Walk is the right activity for you. The Ramparts Walk gives you a view of the whole Old City of Jerusalem as well as the buildings that are outside its boundary walls. It’s actually a fun activity through which you get to see the entire Old City of Jerusalem from up-top. Indeed, there are some places in the old city that are difficult to access by foot and those can also be seen during the Ramparts Walk.


The Ramparts Walks are two routes that go up from the Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. The route is such that it is situated on the top of the walls of the Old City, so that tourists that are traversing through the route can see the Old City from high up on the wall.


There are two sets of Ramparts Walks:

  • The Northern Rampart Walk: this begins at the Jaffa Gate and ends at either the Lion’s Gate or the New Gate. In this walk, you can view the Christian Quarter as well as the Muslim Quarter of the Old City from above. Furthermore, you can also view the Church of the Holy Sepulchre along with a multitude of other churches along your way on the Northern Side Ramparts Walk.
  •  The Southern Rampart Walk: this begins at the Jaffa Gate and ends at the Dung’s Gate. In this walk, you get to see the Tower of David. 

The Northern Walk is longer than the Southern walk and they take about 1-2 hours to cover in total. Of course, whenever you go, you should take your time as the view from up above is breath-taking and stunning. Other than that, you also need to make sure you have ample water and protection from the Sun with you because once you ascend, there is no shade to protect you from the heat of the Sun. Therefore, you can carry with you a hat or umbrella, whichever works better for you! 

Admission to the walks requires an admission ticket, which gives you access to both the walks. There are multiple points along the walks where you can descend from, but there is only one ascending point for each walk, that is, the Jaffa Gate. Therefore, if you’re pretty sure you want to include Ramparts Walks as part of your plan for the trip to the Old City, you should try to enter the Old City from the Jaffa Gate so that you can easily begin your journey from there. At the Jaffa Gate, guides will be available for you too. However, try not to hire a guide because the tour is self-doable.

Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that can withstand the pressure of rocks and other uneven surfaces that you’ll encounter on your way. Athletic shoes are preferred as they’re pretty durable and comfortable at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Old City of Jerusalem and enjoy the wonders of the City from up top with these Rampart Walks!






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